A Peace of mind is what you need

You need professional security services that will not only keep your facilities safe, but will also align with your company’s culture.


24/7 Communications

We deploy a full service round the clock web-based command and control system to train, dispatch, brief, monitor, and respond to our staff and client’s remotely.


Surveillance equipment

Professional installation and monitoring for 24/7 365 security.


Emergency help

• 24-hour communications and a Special Operations Response Team for any threatening situation (disgruntled employees or non-employee threats made against you, your staff and/or your property)

Professional training

A three-fold training program

1. An audio-visual training system developed by qualified security officers
2. A self-paced, computer based training program supported by W.P.S.S. experts
3. A peer/supervisor facilitated field training program for all new security officers

Continuous learning and development is an essential part of our company. The ability to deliver quality security services every day is a must to continue to provide the professional standards we are known for.

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