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Founder of the W.P.S.S., LaTasha Holiwell, who dedicated more than 20 years of her life to the security industry receives an award! The award serves to acknowledge W.P.S.S' creditable and outstanding contributions to companies, initiatives, teams and individuals made to secure the clientele of W.P.S.S.' and the wider community. The awards recognizes exceptional performance in different categories. LaTasha Holiwell has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration among industry trade associations, and this award recognizes a leader who embodies that spirit of collaboration in the industry. LaTasha Holiwell is recognized for having promoted scholarship and advanced best practices for ensuring the safety and security of W.P.S.S.' clients and attendees at events, and for having advocated for the highest levels of professionalism in securing crowd management venues. LaTasha Holiwell has shown noteworthy involvement in committees and working groups, events and the community Education, leadership activity, recruitment of W.P.S.S. members and contributions to W.P.S.S. leadership thought and the industry overall.

W.P.S.S. Excellence in Security!

W.P.S.S. aims to help motivate the security services industry to promote a stellar standard of security and property management and to provide all citizens with quality security services, and thereby help to deter crimes. In today's ever evolving security landscape, organizations face an rapidly growing array of disruptive events, security threats and risks. Traditional reactive approaches to security intelligence often leave businesses vulnerable and ill-prepared to anticipate and mitigate emerging threats that could impact the safety of their people, facilities or operations. Effective Security Management, W.P.S.S.' guards trains practicing security professionals how to build their careers by mastering the fundamentals of good management. LaTasha Holiwell, brings a time-tested blend of common sense, wisdom, and humor to security and to the workplace dynamics.